New year, new challenges 2

2022 – New year, new challenges

A new year always marks a new beginning and/or a start.

This year we are still living close to the pandemic and its constraints.

What started as chaos and economic despair for many companies has unfortunately become the new normal in 2022.

The masks, the health restrictions and the constraints imposed to contain the pandemic.

Along these lines, we continue to be deprived of the sector’s fairs, which represent much in the way we present our new collections and novelties.

The normality we were used to, until today, does not seem to show any signs of returning, and so we have to continue to adapt and create contingency plans, which allow a quick adaptation to the reality, which is in constant mutation.

Given the challenge, and being the second year that we have encountered restrictions on circulation, and with the lessons learnt in 2021, we will prepare the launch of our new collections, making use of information and communication technologies, without forgetting of course that it must be used in a sustainable way.

Creativity will be the watchword and we count on a multidisciplinary team for the development, what we want is to be an even bigger success than the presentation of 2021.

With these activities we intend to create a matrix, which can then be complemented and adjusted to the reality, so that in situations like the one we live in we can make our work known to the world, trying to minimize as much as possible potential losses in terms of presentation opportunities, product and exposure of the brand S.Bernardo.