Claraval was born from the innovative vision of PP&A and S. Bernardo, driven by the desire to explore new frontiers in ceramics. Inspired by the unique fusion of art and sound, in partnership with Skopelab, we developed a pioneering technique that transforms sound frequencies into unique and expressive pieces. Each creation is a symphony of creativity and dedication, elevating ceramics to a new level of artistic expression.

Our “Monastery Collection” is a unique expression of our commitment to innovation and timeless beauty. At Claraval, we blend tradition with cutting-edge technology to create pieces that capture the essence of sounds and transform them into astonishing geometric shapes. Inspired by the participation of the talented singer Sónia Tavares, this collection brings to life the magic of the Monastery of Alcobaça, where Sónia’s voice was recorded. Each piece is a work of art that invites you to appreciate the beauty of the world in a unique way.
At Claraval, we strive to pioneer innovative ceramic design and production techniques, utilizing our world-first Sound-Made Ceramics technology. We aim to capture the natural harmony of the world around us in our products, inviting you to explore and appreciate the beauty of the world in a new way, one ceramic at a time.
We invite you to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Claraval. Discover ceramics that come to life through sound and explore the magic that permeates each creation. Step into a universe of emotion, art, and innovation, where each piece is a masterpiece that resonates in harmony with the heart. Welcome to Claraval.