Arq Manuel da Bernarda

Conceptual design on the ceramic object

Our creative orientation has always been based on bringing the ceramic object closer to conceptual art, an artistic intention as a revelation to the removable of product design from consumer culture.

The ceramic object is created in a way to make the dreams of our clients come true, and this is achieved through the flexibility in the development of the presented projects, in order to materialize their expectations.

This goal is achieved by concentrating the various physical and material valences of our work.

The first valence is the embodiment of the prototype trough modeling, in electric pottery wheel or manually made in clay. This is finished with the realization of samples, with various finishes and colour palettes, which will receive the final scrutiny of the client.

To decorate is to brighten up the surface and, this ability, is explored through the utensils we have.

The ability to interpret the styles and ideas presented by our designers, can be considered the second valence to the product development fulfilment, such as the technical skills developed through the moulds execution.

The fleeting way in which ideas appear on the market and the length of time the object has in it,  requires constant monitoring by our creative team, whether through visits to National and International Fairs or through research in terms of current concepts and lifestyles. Our objectives are aesthetic and not functional. The ceramic object reveals itself as a product of Conceptual Design, a piece of art.

Text by Architect Manuel da Bernarda in collaboration with designer Marta Frutuoso.