Das Keramik: Ambiente Fair’s Love Letter to Ceramics

ambiente 2023 1

In 2020, we returned from Frankfurt without imagining what was looming in the coming times. We could not even fathom, in our wildest thoughts, that we would only return there 3 years later.

But that is exactly what happened. A pandemic ravaged the world, putting all our lives on hold and ending the very characteristic human contact of those fairs, which we love so much…

Three years later…

It’s February 3rd, 2023, we feel the bone-chilling cold and the organized chaos of German transportation, typical of this time. We hear occasional unfamiliar dialects mixed with others that were not so unfamiliar. A nostalgic feeling mixed with jitters, as it had been so long that there were numerous uncertainties surrounding this fair. Had digital overshadowed traditional physical fairs? What would be the visitor turnout after the pandemic? Would the restructuring of the fair impact its once good operation? In any case, the important thing was that we were back in Frankfurt and at the Ambiente fair.

Throughout the entire journey from the hotel to the fair, including public transportation, it was clear that the general feeling was quite positive. There was a lot of anticipation, which is normal given all the time that had passed since the last fair. The trains were packed, and the throngs of people gathering in the corridors of the pavilions foreshadowed a large turnout from visitors from all corners of the world. And that was exactly what happened, so much so that by the third day, the number of visitors from the last edition had already been surpassed. In total, 154,000 visitors wandered through the enormous pavilions of Messe Frankfurt for the 5 days that Ambiente lasted, searching for the best business opportunities. Additionally, we noticed that the fair had a strong intercontinental presence, which only reinforced the importance of participating in events of this type.

As regular exhibitors at this fair, S. Bernardo presented itself at this edition with some new tricks up its sleeve. Already publicized in various internal and external communication channels, our Mosteiro Collection was, in fact, the star of the show. Its dynamic lines and elegant curves piqued the interest of countless visitors, who approached to get a more detailed explanation of its conception and took the opportunity to watch the explanatory video that played on a loop at our booth. The project that transformed the voice of Sónia Tavares into ceramics was undoubtedly a great success, but we cannot overlook the other collections that, through their vibrant colors, daring designs, and premium finishes, delighted visitors who, throughout all days of the fair, stopped by our booth and naturally took photos or requested more information about the products.

In conclusion, it was 5 days of a lot of networking. We met with some clients we hadn’t seen in person for a long time, reconnected with familiar faces from our company, made new contacts, reactivated some old ones, discussed ongoing projects, and started some new ones. In short, it was a very positive fair, in which we felt proud of the innovative product we presented and finished the fair with a feeling of accomplishment.

See you next year!