Design e Inovação 1

Design and Innovation

The importance of Innovation for the disciplinary field of Design is that both are inherently involved.

The gradual complexity of today’s world, the demand for constant innovation and global sustainability challenges, require new creative approaches to problem solving and ability to design productive solutions.

Design as a creative and transformative discipline of ideas and concepts finds in innovation the needed tool for this resolution. This as a process of exploring these same ideas, becomes the main driver for the design of new products.

In our company we claim to be an alternative in the market in which we operate. We present differentiating solutions and promote the challenge of a permanent creative transformation.

This productive and social intelligence is translated by the responsiveness in the design and presentation of new articles in the market.

In this context, it became imperative that our product, the ceramic object, undergo a transformation. This was possible not only with the constant search for new concepts but also with the introduction of new technologies such as the implementation of rapid prototyping and product development using digital 3D design tools.

The ceramic object, ceases to be less static and rapidly becomes more interactive and personalised.

Text by designer Marta Frutuoso.