Giving shape to magic – Slip Casting

Giving shape to magic - Filling

After the modelling where we revealed the importance for the productive process, we walk to the Slip Casting. Where the creative process of the pieces takes another step towards their final shape.  

We organised a series of questions that we asked our employees, as they, better than anyone else, can tell us first hand, a little more about the process, and what their daily work consists.  

Our factory have two sections dedicated to slip casting, which are separated by faience and porcelain.

In the slip casting, Faience, we have at first hand the testimony of 2 of our employees.

Diamantino Pereira Henriques

I work in the earthenware paste and in the slip casting, also in other functions when requested. I’ve been an employee of PP&A for 3 years.

Diamantino Pereira Henriques

The work environment is healthy and harmonious, I like the functions  that I perform, and the company’s effort to improve working conditions, especially the work techniques, thus reducing our effort.

I hope that the company continues to improve and evolve, in terms of wages, and client orders are a constant, so that all jobs can be maintained. For my part, I have done everything possible to help the company improve, both in production and in other areas. I would like to see this effort a little more recognised.

José Vítor Carreira

I work in slip casting, and I have been an employee at PP&A for 12 years.

José Vítor Carreira

The work environment is excellent, I notice more control, efficiency and quality, but I’m just a gear in this big wheel that is PP&A.

As we have seen, the quality of the work produced here is high, and I need to continue to improve this quality, only in this way can we meet our clientes wishes.

I started very young in ceramics, at the age of 15, at my father’s side, and as time went by I learned and studied until I got where I am today.

I learned with time to like ceramics in general.

The slip casting in the Porcelain section, where we started with the responsible for the section.

Deolinda Florência

I’ve been at PP&A for 20 years, I really enjoy working in the company, we have a good atmosphere between colleagues.

Deolinda Florência

One of the main changes I’ve seen in the company over these years is the complexity and variety of pieces we produce.

As the person in charge of the Porcelain section, I have to organise all the work, from ordering moulds to slip cast, guiding the fillers, and controlling the orders.

I hope that in the coming years the orders will continue to arrive, and that we will have a lot of work.

I chose to work in the ceramics industry because of the opportunity that arose to learn a trade that I really like.

I am very happy with all my learning at PP&A.

Vítor Lopes

I’ve been in the company for 4 and a half years. I like to work at PP&A, because there’s a good working environment.

Vítor Lopes

Over the last few years, I’ve seen few changes in the sector, some of them were positive, such as the increase of work, which was good for the company and for the employees.

My job in general is to fill the moulds and to demould, that is, to take the piece out of the raw mould. What we do is important, because as long as it’s a job well done, from slip cast to demoulding, it all contributes to the smooth running of the sector.

I hope that in the coming years there will be no shortage of work, and that some working conditions can be reviewed, such as a pump for pouring the paste to large moulds.

Coming to PP&A and to the ceramics sector was a opportunity, but as I like challenges I accepted, and specifically in porcelain slip casting.