Go digital – A path for success or a matter of survival?

Ricardo e Eng Perpetua (1)

More than 20 years ago the companies started to digitalize their processes. In the beginning was a slow but progressive, yet adapting to the people needs as they appear.

The introduction to digital platforms to promote and selling products was probably one desire for many entrepreneurships back in the days. And to them we own a big share on how easy and simple the digital era turned.

Before the pandemic the companies, specially the small and medium size ones were at their own pace. Having a digital transformation on course saw themselves forced by circumstances to go accelerate the process allocating financial and human resources to promote and sell products and services to a public that in part still is confined.

When I left the question as title for this reflection, almost as survival question, my goal is to pass the message that for more than the masks. One day be removed from our daily basis the behaviour of the consumers has changed forever as well for the generations now growing.

With this said and with the absence of physic fairs to promote our brand and products we will prepare a live presentation using social media.

We will open the gates of our factory to let you feel like our exhibits. We gave voice to the wonderful people who work with us, only they know how to present the world with the best we do. Also, we developed a totally 3D showroom, where you can travel around our marvelous creations and admire them.

Text by Ricardo Reis, Marketing Strategist at S. Bernardo (Left in the photo)

Before the Pandemic by Covid-19 our products were presented worldwide in many fairs segmented to house decoration.

In this state all of them were cancelled or delayed.

We did not crossed our arms, and started full speed a digital & information process so we can show the world our collections from 2021.

Text by Eng. Fernando Perpétua CEO at S. Bernardo (Right in the photo)