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Impact of sales in a company

One of the factors with the greatest impact on the success of a company is undoubtedly good commercial management.

The commercial sector’s main mission is to add value to the company’s product and cultivate an excellent relationship with the client. In order to achieve success, we must take some points into consideration.

Knowing the product we offer in depth

To value the product, to know the whole production process in order to transmit confidence to the customer.

Knowing the market in which we operate

Research the culture, habits and customs of each market.

Knowing the customer’s needs

Research the customer in order to provide better advice.

To cultivate relationships

Communication is a tool to be used.

To be in a constant search of markets

To reach a diversity of markets we have to be in constant search

Mastering the art of negotiation

Negotiation is a fundamental point for any salesperson

Being persuasive

Convincing the client that our product is the right one for his company

Mastering sales technology

Nowadays technology plays a very important role, the dissemination in online platforms and websites is essential.

Follow the whole sales process – from order to delivery

Since the first contact with the client until the expedition of the product, it is essential to have an excellent service that transmits confidence and security to the client.

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In parallel with the commercial, there must be all the logistics, so that everything works. From receiving the order, preparing it, analysing all the details of the request. So that it is passed on to planning and production without any doubts. All the client’s indications are followed and respected so that exactly what the client wants is produced. After the orders are completed, the shipping is carried out, which has to be safe and efficient, so that the product reaches the customer in perfect condition.

With the combination of these points, commitment and dedication, the result will certainly be success.

Text by Marta Coelho, Sales & Logistics, Perpétua Pereira e Almeida (S. Bernardo).