In perfection lies virtue

It is a great satisfaction when we hear compliments regarding the quality of our products, as it is something we work for and it is almost like a company flagship.

However, behind all the excellence and quality of our pieces, what the common eye does not see is a whole work that goes through different sections from the moment the order arrives at the office until it gets packed and finished.

These are meticulous processes that, due to the large manual and human component of our production process, always give rise to some flaws and imperfections in the final product. Were it not for the error that is intrinsic to all of us, we would be talking about machines and robots that, despite the automation and reduction of failures (not completely), would make all the creativity, spontaneity and magic associated with the human brain disappear.

It is precisely because of this manual and artistic component that, by the way, we insist on having in our company, that we need to be extremely rigorous during the quality control of our final product, so that we can continue to live up to the enormous demand of our customers.

For this, we count on two exemplary professionals with a lot of PPA experience. Teresa Oliveira, a collaborator for 20 years, combines laboratory activities with quality control. Specialized in the technical area, states that over the years the industrial market has become increasingly demanding in terms of control and quality, starting to play an increasingly preponderant role in companies. In her own words, “the pieces are subjected to rigorous analyses and tests to ensure that their route arrives immaculate until the end. If a defect is identified, it is necessary to go back and correct it, as this applies to all sections. This is the only way to maintain quality at the level our customers expect.”

Speaking a little about PPA as a company and her role in it, Teresa states that our commitment is that production is faithful to the samples and now we are “tuned” not to compromise the S. Bernardo’s brand in terms of quality, since the irreverence of our pieces makes the work very challenging. We have a familiar and cooperative environment between sectors, from the employer to the last hired person. I know all the people who work here, I follow their production and I can assure you that we have excellent professionals who take very seriously all the necessary procedures so that we present a quality of excellence, not least because they do not know how to do it any other way. According to our technique, “PPA works like a large-scale studio, where all the customers know what they can count on and put projects on our hands that tend to be increasingly challenging.”

Who agrees and corroborates her colleague’s words is Carla Esteves, 39 years old, the second element that makes up this quality control team, almost as a “VAR”, who does not miss any imperfection in the parts that arrive before they go to packaging. Carla arrived at PPA still with a baby face, having just turned 19 (it’s already been 20 years), and reiterates that the level of demand does not allow facilities, so any piece that arrives that is not perfect has to go back to be rectified, whatever the section concerned.

Both Carla and Teresa, despite working in different areas, Teresa more closely linked to glazes and the technical part, Carla responsible for checking and approving the final product, act as a sieve that does not let anything less than excellence and perfection pass through. They are, therefore, another important cog in this machine that is Perpétua, Pereira and Almeida.