In this month of April we address finishing

In this month of April we address finishing

All our pieces go through a rigorous finishing process that allows them to start taking their final shape as well as the perfection we aim for in all our products. And nothing better than the testimonial of our collaborators.

Maria da Conceição Borges (Finishing Sector Manager)

I’ve worked in the company for 20 years and my job is to lead the whole team. To achieve what we want.

Maria da Conceição
Maria da Conceição Borges

It’s a big challenge because our quality in the market is very high and our customers are demanding, they know they are getting a quality product, so each reference, each line has a special process that has to be carried out so that the final result is satisfactory.

We work with the development department and it is very gratifying to see the realisation of each piece. This is the only way we can have a good volume of orders and we rely on the professionalism of our designers and their commitment.

I work with a team of 18 women, it’s my responsibility to create a good environment so that we can carry out our tasks with confidence and with the mutual support of all our colleagues, even though it’s not always easy.

Maria Alice Miguel Fazendeiro Gomes (Finish)

I have been working at PP&A for 6 years, in the finishing section.

Maria Gomes
Maria Gomes

The work environment is good, I enjoy working for the company and performing the duties that have been delegated to me.

Over the years I have seen more and more professionalism, necessary to meet the quality required by our customers.

I hope to continue this challenge with this great team and that the coming years will always be good ones.

I started in ceramics at the age of 19, a year of change in my life, and so by chance the finishing section appeared where I specialised until today.

Maria Manuela Bento (Finish)

I have been working with PP&A for approximately 23 years.

Maria Manuela Bento
Maria Manuela Bento

The work environment in my section has its ups and downs. I enjoy what I do with a lot of dedication, despite the physical and mental demands of the job itself.

Over the years I have recognised that in this sector there has been a great tendency to improve the quality of the pieces we produce.

Within the finishing section, I not only play a role in the production of the pieces (burr, sponge) for a better detail, be it faience or porcelain, but I also have an active role in the integration of new co-workers, even supervising their work.

In the future I hope to continue with a good team, where there is harmony and collaboration on both sides. I hope that the company grows so that I can grow with it in every way.

The choice of ceramics as a profession arose naturally at the time of my integration into working life, which I do with great pleasure and dedication. Helping in what I know in the various functions of finishing.

Elisabete Roxo Souto (Finish)

I have been working in finishing at PP&A for 8 years.

Elizabete Souto
Elizabete Souto

I really enjoy my job, because every day is a day of new accomplishments.

The work environment is relative, as I work with many colleagues which can sometimes generate some conflicts.

But as I love what I do, everything is overcome.

The finishing work is not just deburring and sponging the piece; there’s a whole process, whether the piece is made of earthenware or porcelain.

You have to be careful to straighten it out, see if there are any cracks, pass some liquid all over the piece and in some cases open the mouth of the piece while it’s still raw.

Only afterwards does it go to the kiln where it dries, to then be deburred and sponged, taking care to thoroughly check for cracks. We also have the gluing process that is done while the piece is still raw, which consists in gluing parts of the pieces, using a special glue. We still make cuts in them and measure them so that we can recreate and execute a new piece from a model.

Deburring, gluing and sponging are time consuming tasks as there are drying periods. It requires patience, but when you work with what you love, everything is done with more care.

The designers bring new challenges every day, which makes the work even more attractive.

My expectation is to continue to do my job to the best of my ability so that I can give the firm the quality that our clients demand.

I chose ceramics at the age of eighteen, having taken some time off, I returned 8 years ago, and I recognise that this is my area, even though I know it is a physically and psychologically demanding sector.