ceramic furnaces

Invisible Burning Fire – Furnace Section

It is deep in our kiln’s heat that we forge the soul of our products, giving them an unparalleled uniqueness and authenticity. The furnace section is, without any doubt, one of the important sections in the entire production process, with all the pieces going through two stages of firings before being sent to the final stage, the decoration.

Those responsible for this area are Luís Maneiro, 48 years old and Paulo Valentim, 45 years old. If Mr. Paulo has “only” 4 years at this house (you will understand why the “only), Mr. Luís has an impressive 25 years (!!!) of PP&A and together they form an unbeatable duo, to be the envy of the central backs of our national football team.

Jokes aside, they are two valuable assets that state that “the environment at the PP&A is wonderful, everyone treats us very well and I think we reciprocate the treatment, at least that’s what we try to do. The work evolves, naturally, and new challenges arise every day, challenges that we face with enthusiasm and dedication, because only this way we can overcome them and grow as a whole… I think that everyone who works here has this mentality well instilled, a lot of credit from the management regarding that.”

Mr. Luís pulls the gallons and jokingly says that “everything Paulo knows, I taught him”, while Mr. Paulo doesn’t seem to agree very much with the statement… Anyway, only they will know. What we know and that’s public, is the good mood that’s reigns in this section and that infects all the others.

When Mr. Luís and Mr. Paulo, daily close the doors of our kilns, taking our piece’s projects to bake at about a thousand centigrade degrees, it is as if time were speeding up inside and our pieces went from beardless and naïve children to mature and responsible adults in the twinkling of an eye, or doors in this case. It almost seems like a time machine powered by heat that takes us through childhood and adolescence without realizing it (I bet the reader relates on this one, right?).

For the future, both of them only hope that the work continues to challenge them and that they continue to work “in this fantastic company that is Perpétua, Pereira & Almeida, Lda”.