Love at First Sight

Love at First Sight 1

When our pieces arrive at the glazing section, still biscuit, they are far from presenting that magic, uniqueness and beauty that characterizes us so much. They arrive practically naked and is through the glazes and their deep colours that they gain soul and personality.

It is true that all sections have a very important role in the production cycle of each piece, but it is the glazing that has the role of attracting the customer through the look, the first interaction. As in any personal relationship, it is the aesthetic beauty that makes the first impression, which in the decorative ceramic’s world is no different, since it is the combinations of colours and textures of the glazes that capture the first glances of the customers, searching for that love at first sight.

However, hands down, behind all the beauty of the glazes of our pieces, there is a great team, very well-orchestrated by Helena Querido, better known as Lena, or as “Boss”, by the other members of the section, something she doesn’t like it a lot, but that represents the recognition for all the experience and wisdom accumulated over the years. Lena is 52 years old and works in this house for 31 years, a lot for sure… Just to give you an idea, Lena has more years at PPA than the author of this text has in his life.

In addition to being and exemplary and rigorous boss, she is always there to teach and help when needed, who says that is Carla Ganhão, 37 years old, a member of this team for about a year and a half and who, according to the “Boss”, “is a very humble and hardworking girl, extremely useful on our daily tasks”. Responsible for many of the bath glazing, Carla highlights the good atmosphere lived in her section and her willingness to always learn more.

Cristina Fonseca, 47 years old, who is probably the PPA employee with the most bosses here, also highlights the positive and relaxed atmosphere, but at the same time professional and demanding. Cristina has been with us for 24 years and is entrusted with the meticulous task of following the cake recipe, or if you prefer, in technical terms, developing and preparing the glazes. Cristina is the bridge between the lab and the factory, ensuring that the glaze recipe is followed to the letter and that they are developed in perfection.

Concluding, the glazing section is just one more wheel in this great gear, which is PPA, but a very important that works perfectly and where the atmosphere is fantastic. Each member of the entire team contributes to this, including those not mentioned individually but who deserve due attention.

Text written by Fábio Caldas