New Year, Same Commitment

New Year Same Commitment 1

As December ends, 2022 also comes to an end, a troubled year that is marked not only by the energy and raw materials crisis, largely due to the invasion of Ukraine, but also by the galloping inflation and consequent containment measures, such as interest rate hikes.

All this results in a dangerous cocktail, which slows down the economy and puts many questions on what the next year of 2023 will be. As for us, Perpétua, Pereira & Almeida, we will stand with the hope and optimism that characterizes us, to continue to serve our customers with the usual quality, always focusing on creativity, innovation and design.

As for December, it was a very dense month, stuffed with events, a bit like our dinner tables during this Christmas season. If after the summer holidays we all arrived much more tanned, this time the difference was noticed in a few extra kg… legend has it that inflation is so out of control that it can even be noticed in body weight.

The Christmas month got off to a great start, as we had the pleasure of welcoming Mrs. Minister of Territorial Cohesion, in an event in which we had the presence of several famous personalities, from the Alcobaça’s mayor, to the President of APICER, passing through the businessmen of the ceramics sector of Alcobaça. An important event, not only for us but for the entire sector and municipality, where subjects such as the allocation of European funds or the energy and raw materials crisis were discussed.

The hustle and bustle continued as the Great PP&A Christmas Dinner approached and, between dinner preparations, elaboration of Christmas hampers and organization of the classic surprises that employees present to management every year, we also won another PME Excellence Award, which naturally fills us with pride.

The place chosen to host the meeting was, once again, “Quinta da Júlia dos Ovos”, which can already be considered privileged for receiving the good mood and festive spirit of the PP&A team twice in the same year. There was lots of good food, lots and sometimes not so good music, laughter, smiles and fraternization, however, the night got marked by the piece of art, worthy of the Louvre Museum, presented by all the workers to our management (see highlighted photo).

Anyway, December is gone, 2022 is gone, it is, therefore, time to roll up our sleeves and get back to work and face a challenging but stimulating 2023.

Happy New Year everyone!

Text written by Fábio Caldas