capa parceria Daciano

Partnerships with history and good taste

S. Bernardo is producing for Daciano da Costa Atelier a reissue of the historic Palace Ceramics line.

The Palace Ceramics line originally came up in 1970-1971 from Daciano da Costa interior architecture project for Madeira Hilton/Madeira Palace Hotel.

This reissue is made of 4 earthenware pieces with five colours of the original design, dark lavender blue, lime green, traffic light red, bright selenium orange, canary yellow.

These beautiful glazed earthenware pieces are being produced for the historic Daciano da Costa Atelier. The Atelier was founded in 1959 by Daciano da Costa himself and was restructured in 2013 by his daughter Inês Cottinelli who in colaboration with Professor João Paulo Martins, continues is father legacy.

Daciano da Costa lived from 1930 to 2005 and was a Portuguese design reference in the second half of the 20th century. He left a well-visible legacy in the national scenery both in the pedagogical component and in works carried out.

To find out more about his work and the present Atelier visit their website.