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We don’t consider planning a static process, it requires careful monitoring and gathering as much information as possible.

From year to year our planning and production control has evolved, so that we can guarantee and produce more and better, in order to meet all the objectives within the required deadlines.

It is extremely important to measure the performance of each operation and at the same time be able to collect timely indicators that allow us to understand its evolution, and help in decision making.

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At this point it is very important to control breaks, the same is done on a daily basis so that on the date of departure of orders there are no unforeseen events.

The sooner the slightest deviation is detected, the more margin we have to rectify the error.

Production control cannot be understood in a narrow perspective of inspection, but rather in the sense of not losing control of the situation.

We try to keep employees motivated and are always open to their opinions.

Text by Flávio Souto

Planning and Production Control