capa S bernardo fisioterapia

S. Bernardo provides physiotherapy services

The idea of providing physiotherapy and occupational massage therapy services to the team has proved to be a winning bet.

Not only due to the working hours that we all must comply with, as well as due to the fast pace in which we currently live, employees accumulate muscle tensions, which in turn give rise to pain and discomfort, causing their creative and productive capacity to decline substantially. This is where the strategy of sensitivity and focus on human capital, which the Perpétua, Pereira and Almeida company, wanted to comply with, fits in.

It was during the month of February 2021 that the company’s owners decided to make available to all their employees, free of charge, physiotherapy and occupational massage services. Among the various direct and indirect benefits, this initiative allows you to take care of the musculoskeletal health of your team, demonstrate increased concern for their well-being and raise the motivation levels of your employees, according to the respect and affection shown by top management, through the assignment of this service.

This service was only available for one afternoon per month for the first 6 months, however, due to the recognition of many of the employees, as well as the managers and owners of the company, the therapist was invited to double the time of the service, moving it to 2 blocks a month.

Providing these services in the workplace allows to correct incorrect postures, align the musculoskeletal system, relieve muscle discomfort and eliminate the effects caused by stress.

When a worker takes a break from his activity to enjoy a musculoskeletal treatment session, he relaxes his body and mind, gains strength and then… performs his professional tasks with more concentration, motivation, and with better interpersonal relationships. It is an initiative that falls within the scope of the social benefits that the company choses to make available to its employees, placing people at the centre of this company’s business success, because it is interested in their well-being, as collective well-being configures as one of the missions of this organization.

The Therapist: Júlio César

Testimony of Esmeralda Silva

It was good and beneficial for me, who had been bothered by a physical problem for some time. It helped me a lot relieving me from the pain and suffering that I was feeling, and although it didn’t fully heal, it was a great help for me. He advised me to book some exams, I’ve been going to the medical appointments and I’m very happy with all the follow-up and progress made.

By doing this, Perpétua, Pereira & Almeida shows that cares about the well-being of its employees and comes naturally valued from this initiative, since this is a problem affecting a lot of companies in the industrial sector, which have high rates of employee absenteeism due to this problems, results of jobs whose functions require greater effort and repetitive movements over the years.

On this way, the presence of a professional who is able not only to immediately resolve the situations that arise, but also to plan in the medium and long term to minimize and delay the difficulties experienced by employees, is undoubtedly an asset for us and consequently for the company.

Testimony of Célia Sampaio

My name is Célia Sampaio and I have been working at Perpétua, Pereira & Almeida for 28 years. In recent years our work has evolved following the market trends, as we create and develop larger pieces, more detailed and with more creative designs. Although challenging and motivating, all this ends up having a greater impact on our daily work, as it requires a greater physical effort.

Therefore, considering the needs of workers, PPA offers physiotherapy services to its employees, which for me is fortunate to be able to enjoy and be in contact directly with the physiotherapist, who accompanies us for a few hours every month.

In my opinion, this initiative is quite beneficial, since I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and the repetitive movements sometimes affect my mobility, causing some pain. Physiotherapy and Mr. Júlio have contributed a lot to improve my well-being at work, helping me to achieve more productivity as well.

PS: Mr. Júlio should come more often, the treatments and the advice from him are fundamental ?