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The laboratory at the service of innovation in ceramics

These days we can consider that all generations recognize ceramic as a crucial role in daily life by being used as a utilitarian and decorative piece.

Nowadays we try to even overcome that when we work in our faience and porcelain pieces, using engobe, paints and reactive glazes, always studied at our laboratory, creating trends, and considering ourselves a reference in innovation.

Our faience clay has in its composition several types of clay, it must be moldable and at the same time capable of preserving its shape while we work on it and in the kiln for the fired process.

Porcelain is considered a more noble material, contains a high percentage of kaolin, a raw material that is produced by disintegration of rocks, whose sediments do not contain impurities, such as iron oxide or other organic minerals. These traits make the clay with a high level of purity and more sensitive in raw.

In the art of decoration, we focus mainly in two lines; texture and color. Both elements are extremely important for the final result.

Texture is made when the piece is still raw, it is important to gather all the conditions for the piece to be worked with finger pressure or with instruments that will make incisions, producing forms in relief that brings up the origins of ceramic.

Color is reproduced using our engobes or our ceramic glazes, it is the result of our experiences. They contain different compounds and different ways of application forms. These englobes, paints, simple or reactive glazes are made from frits, pigments, oxides, carbonates and others, and they are part of our company’s identity.

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We also work with an important factor, the firing process, with different temperatures, atmospheres, cycles or even different type of kilns. All these factors are essential to create unique results and intended for the final amazing result.

It is with great dedication that we create perfect pieces to amaze the clients.

Text by Teresa Oliveira head of technical department at S. Bernardo.

Photos taken out of the pandemic context.