The product is what binds us!

At its core, the Commercial Activity has two key pillars: Client and Product.

A deep passion for human relations and an openness to different cultures and ways of life across the globe, are crucial for success. At Perpétua, Pereira & Almeida, Lda., we strive to establish strong trade relationships through empathy and mutual trust, becoming valuable partners to our clients with a solid contribution to their business success and sustainability.

Such that, despite a widespread increase in digital channels for product launches and marketing, an in-person experience in international leading trade fairs, or visits to our facilities and showroom, remains irreplaceable and goes a long way in securing a deeper link between the client and the product. By seeing the product on-site, the client judges not only its quality and design, but also all the know-how engaged in its development and manufacturing. This enables the customer to make the selection for its collections, or even to develop its own design projects.

It is rewarding and really makes us proud, by giving our contribution on projects development and collections and seeing them displayed in the most emblematic venues, such as high-end shops and the best shopping malls or exhibition halls, globally.

On the domestic market we have everything in common, from language to consumer patterns, creating a clear advantage: Cultural affinity and Proximity.

We are thankful to our clients for all the trust placed in us! 

Text by Gabriela Pereira, Sales Department, Perpétua Pereira e Almeida (S. Bernardo).