Portugal home week S bernardo

They say the first time we never forget, and it might be true

My name is Fábio Caldas, I’m the most recent employee of Perpétua, Pereira & Almeida, entrusted with the challenging task of boosting the S. Bernardo brand, combining commercial functions of key account manager.

This first month couldn’t have been more engaging, full of positive interactions with customers, suppliers and partners. It is worth highlighting the good atmosphere that exists within the company, with an incredibly helpful team, always ready to help in case of any difficulty or doubt. A very positive month of integration that culminates in the participation in Portugal Home Week 2022, an international event that took place at Alfândega do Porto.

It is in connection with this event that I decided to give this article such a bold and daring title, as it is my first presence as a professional in an event of this calibre, which brought together great names from Portuguese home decoration. The presence of S. Bernardo brand in major furniture and decoration events is already a constant, in very different geographical points, such as Frankfurt, Milan, Paris, New York, Dubai, among others. Therefore, by chance, my first time happened to be in the wonderful city of Porto, a good starting point for what will be from now on.

Regarding the event itself, it was a pleasure to be among large national companies and exceptional professionals of the world of decoration, showing to the world what Portugal does the best in this branch of activity. The stands presentations were outstanding (congratulations to all companies), with products of major quality and such high level, the event was very well organized (congratulations to AICEP Portugal and APIMA) and attended by personalities of great prestige and interest from the point of view of exhibitors.

It was undoubtedly an asset to be present at Portugal Home Week. I would like to highlight the positive aspects of our participation: the strengthening and publicizing of the S. Bernardo brand among the elite of Portuguese Home Decoration; the expansion of the contact network of possible commercial partners; emergence of new business opportunities and possible acquisition of new customers, especially in new emerging markets.

The first time will not be forgotten, at all.

Text by Fábio Caldas