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What is the largest and most valuable asset of a company?

In previous news we have focused on Design, Creativity, Innovation, Know how, Development of new products, all these matters being the cornerstone of S. Bernardo.

This time, we felt appropriate to speak about what we consider to be our company greatest and most valuable asset: 

“Our workers”

Their work motivation is essential to achieve better results easily.

In this regard, the management of the company regularly meet with the heads of each department, in addition to the issues related to the organisation and analysis of the evolution of the work, the objectives which the company proposes are determined, as well as its follow-up. Other topics that are considered relevant to the company and its employees are also addressed.

We try to create a positive climate that promotes and values participation, promoting team spirit and making them feel that their opinions can contribute to improve the organisation of work, product quality, reducing breaks and defects, also contributing to a better rentability of the work, which in turn translates into an improvement in the overall results of the company. 

Our quality control system is based on self-control carried out in each section, by those responsible for it, in order to prevent them from moving to the following section meeting our quality requirements, and contributing to a low level of rejections and corrected as soon as possible, with the lowest therefore a lower cost.

In this way all contribute to a better quality control, which at the same time translates into an increase productivity.

Pictures of summer events and company birthdays since 2015.

Besides work issues, we also try to promote a healthy environment of well-being, promoting the spirit that within the company we are all a family, with common goals. With this in mind we organise several activities throughout the year. We highlight the Christmas get-together and the annual tour, a day for socialising outside the work environment. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, last year, it was not possible to hold these events.

In the spirit of creating conditions that promote the well-being of our workers, we have recently implemented the visit of a physiotherapist.

As our company produces decorative articles in faience and porcelain, with a high handcraft component, which makes each piece unique, it is quite important, as previously mentioned, that the workers feel motivated to participate and promote a healthy working environment, where everyone counts and should feel an integral part the company.

Each one in their own role, but with a common goal, where the success of one means the success of all, which leads to the success of the company.

Text by Elsa Almeida founding partner and CEO of Perpétua, Pereira & Almeida (S. Bernardo).